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VapeXhale  Hydratube

The VapeXhale Hydratube for the VapeXhale Cloud Vaporizer increases your vaping enjoyment by adding a bit of moisture conditioning and diffusing your vapor. If you find regular vaping dry or or if it irritates your throat then this is a great solution. Smooths out every hit by making it less damaging to your lungs, throat and mouth. At 5mm (1/4 in) the Hydratube creates little to no drag and diffuses each draw efficiently. The built in splash guard keeps liquid from going down the center tube of your VapeXhale Cloud. TURBINE The Turbine is a newer addition to the line up and features a Steve Bates approved turbine that will spin the water as you use the HydraTube. The perc that diffuses the vapor is a Gridded Barrel that gives you the added benefit of more diffusion with very little loss of flavor. It is also quite visually stimulating! It stands roughly 7 inches tall. HYDRABOMB The HydraBomb is one of the most anticipated additions to our HydraTube line up. It features one of the most beautiful percolators in existence that has an extremely smooth pull with great diffusion. The HydraBomb is for the user that wants an elegantly designed percolator with the least amount of restriction. HYDRAHONEYCOMB The HydraHoneyComb is one of the newest additions to our Hydratube collection. Many people have asked, and we have listened! Featuring the gridded barrel in the VapeXhale Turbine, we also added a HoneyComb diffuser to further smooth out the vapor while protecting the user from getting water in their mouths. This elegant HydraTube will be an instant favorite for those that are looking for maximum diffusion. Note: Only compatible with VapeXhale Cloud Vaporizer. Hydrafoot base not included - must be purchased separately.
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